Fees and payment

All fees are based on the facts and circumstances of your legal matter.
I accept checks, credit card payments, and bank drafts. I do not accept payment apps or crypto currency. I do not participate in any of the pre-paid legal insurance plans.

For estate planning legal services I generally charge on a flat fee basis. Flat fee means once your fee is determined, it will include all necessary services and expenses unless specifically stated otherwise.  Flat fee does not mean fixed fee because every case is different and your plan may cost more than my starting price. For federal tax controversy matters some services are on a flat fee by most are charged by the hour and require a retainer or advance payment.

If you are considering hiring me for estate planning and would like a copy of my price list, check out this link for my services menu. Email me at [email protected] with any questions. Also, feel free to schedule a Free 20-minute discovery call to see if we should work together.

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