Federal Tax Controversy

Representation: If you need help with IRS Defense, dealing with an examination, collection, or withholding matter, I can represent you before the IRS.  With a representative on your side you will no longer have to deal directly with the IRS.   Each case is different so please use my scheduling link to set up a free 20-minute discovery call to discuss whether I am a good fit for your case.  If you can't find a time to schedule, or your issue is urgent please email me at [email protected] or call me at 470-499-4946.

Legal Coaching:  I provide legal advice to clients who want to handle their IRS problem on their own but want expert legal guidance from an attorney. This service is for self-represented individuals and small businesses in the United States. Our communications will be conducted by phone, video conferencing, and secure email via my client portal.

I will explain the IRS audit, IRS Appeals, and US Tax Court litigation process in understandable terms. You will feel confident and prepared by knowing what to expect. I will guide you through the legal process to the extent that you need for your case. You can receive as much or as little assistance as you need based on my packages. Call 470-499-4946 or use this link to schedule a Free 20-minute discovery session or email me at [email protected] to request a price list.

You will understand what it takes to be prepared for your audit or Appeals appointment. Know what to bring, how to conduct yourself, whether you should extend the assessment period, when to ask for a supervisor, what happens if you don’t agree with the IRS, and more. In addition to procedural advice depending on the package you choose, I also provide legal analysis and advice on the substantive tax issue(s) that are raised, or may be raised, during your audit or Tax Court case.

Understand the big picture so that you can make the best decisions about your case. I can provide clarity on developing your case strategy, review or prepare required documents, and provide coaching on how you should present your legal position.

The IRS has a very helpful website at www.irs.gov. Check it out, especially the Audit Technique Guides for your industry. Likewise, the United States Tax Court also has a helpful website at www.USTaxcourt.gov. If you don’t feel comfortable completely handling this on your own, I am happy to assist you in understanding your rights and how the law applies in your case. Because not all cases are appropriate for legal coaching, I won’t let you purchase my coaching services if yours is not.