A Little About Me


I retired from the Office of Chief Counsel, for the Internal Revenue Service after more than 34 years of service. I began my career as an Internal Revenue Agent auditing tax returns for the IRS. I audited individual, partnership, and corporate federal income tax returns for over a decade. While working full-time as a revenue agent I earned a NC license as a Certified Public Accountant and then earned my law degree. I began working for the legal division of IRS as an attorney in the Atlanta office in 1997. By the end of my career I was an attorney manager serving as the Associate Area Counsel, Large Business & International Division, Atlanta office.

It is my intention to offer legal services that are accessible to regular people. Death and taxes are two subjects that touch everyone’s lives. So many people are confused about what legal services they need and what it means to work with an attorney. I would love to demystify that for you. Federal tax issues can be handled by attorneys like me no matter which state you live in or which state the attorney works in. On the other hand, for estate planning, the state of residence for the client matters and so does the state or states in which the attorney is licensed. I am licensed in North Carolina and Georgia. I prepare estate plans for residents of both states. For federal tax matters, I can help residents of any state in the U.S.