Do You Really Need an Attorney?

For your IRS problems, you may be able to answer your own questions by going to The site is full of helpful information. Use the search box. Depending on your issue, you may need an Enrolled Agent, a CPA, or an attorney. Schedule a free 20-minute discovery call to see if you and I should work together.

I pride myself on providing personalized legal services. I respect that each client has different hopes and fears when it comes to their legal needs.  You can't get that kind of tailored approach from and on-line will drafting service. If you have any assets that you care about and will be leaving loved ones behind, I recommend the services of an attorney to draft your will or trust and other fiduciary documents. Let me help you with your estate plan.

I am skilled at explaining complicated legal concepts in a way that you will understand. Your understanding will cause you to feel confident about the plan that I design just for you. If you don't want a cookie cutter set of pre-drafted documents, call or email me today. 470-499-4946 or [email protected]. If cost is an issue for you, consider my Economy Will Plan. See details on my price list.