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Estate Planning for Georgia Residents

Don't Leave Your Legacy To Chance. 

Planning For
The Inevitable

I help our community preserve generational wealth by directing the distribution of family assets, rather than leaving it to chance.

You Need An Estate Plan

Without a proper estate plan, everything you worked for and everything you value could be lost if inherited by an irresponsible party. Without a properly drafted and executed estate plan your assets could end up in the hands of a person who is suffering from an addiction, going through a bankruptcy, going through a divorce, or just too immature to handle them. Precious family assets could be lost.
You deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have left clear instructions on how your assets should be distributed and to whom.

Your Advisor


Hi, I'm Gwen Walker - attorney and former IRS agent. I've spent my career advising people on what action to take when their affairs & businesses aren't properly planned. In so many instances, costly, time-consuming mistakes could have been avoided with proper planning & documentation in place.


My mission is to secure generational wealth within my community through pro-active planning and to teach others about legacy building. 

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Image of Attorney Gwendolyn Walker, Estate Planner based in Atlanta, GA

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Working With Me

A Personalized Experience

As a client, you'll have direct access to me. I meet directly with clients to understand their goals and make ensure they understand the plan of action. My firm is small, and it affords me the opportunity to provide personal care and attention to my clients’ needs.

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