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About Gwendolyn Walker

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I began my career as an Internal Revenue Agent auditing tax returns for the Internal Revenue Service. I audited individual, partnership, and corporate federal income tax returns for over a decade. While working full-time as a revenue agent I earned a NC license as a Certified Public Accountant and then later earned my law degree from the North Carolina Central University School of Law. I began working for the legal division of IRS as an attorney in the Atlanta office in 1997. By the end of my career with the IRS, I served as an attorney manager, the Associate Area Counsel, Large Business & International Division, in the Atlanta Chief Counsel office.

Since leaving the IRS, I have focused most of my time securing the legacy of City of South Fulton and Metro Atlanta residents through estate planning.

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Getting Started

You and I will begin your estate plan with a Peace of Mind Planning Session. We will both come to the virtual meeting prepared. You will be provided with a questionnaire to complete, with information about your loved ones and your assets. We will discuss how you would like for things to go if you become incapacitated or when you die.

During the planning session I will design an estate plan tailored specifically for you.

Getting Started

Fees & Payment 

All fees are based on the facts and circumstances of your legal matter.
Checks, credit card payments, and bank drafts are acceptable forms of payment. Payment apps or crypto currency aren not accepted. I do not participate in any of the pre-paid legal insurance plans.


Estate planning legal services are generally charged on a flat fee basis. Flat fee means once your fee is determined, it will include all necessary services and expenses unless specifically stated otherwise.  Flat fee does not mean fixed fee because every case is different and your plan may cost more than my starting price.

If you are considering hiring me for estate planning and would like a copy of my price list, schedule a Peace of Mind Planning Session to see if we should work together.

Fees & Payment

Learn About Your Options


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